Hersher Institute: Module on Ethical Reasoning in Developmental Disabilities

Kindergarten Transition Case: Guiding Questions

  1. What are the appropriate goals for a nonverbal young school-aged child with Andy’s profile of strengths and weaknesses in your area of practice? What goals will best support him in developing social interactions, self-help, and academic skills?
  2. What methods have an evidence base for achieving the goals you identified? Provide a description of the methods and citations of the evidence for them.
  3. What social opportunities would be beneficial for Andy as well as his peers (e.g., full inclusion, limited inclusion, no inclusion)? How would you structure these opportunities so that Andy benefits from them?
  4. What setting do you think would be most likely to lead to progress in learning for Andy?
  5. What does your reading suggest to you about a school program that includes almost entirely discrete trial methods of instruction? What are your responses to this reading? Is this an ethical issue?
  6. Should the question of cost enter into decisions about placement for Andy? Why or why not? How would you weigh the cost of programs in making your recommendation to parents about what would be best for his placement next year? The effect of an outside placement on the budget for other children in town?
  7. How would you discuss placement options with Andy’s parents?

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