Hersher Institute: Module on Ethical Reasoning in Developmental Disabilities

Ashley 'X' Case: Guiding Questions

1. Intro to ethical reasoning in health care

2. The Ashley 'X' Case
Read 2 part Time magazine articles - Click Here
Read 'Friends from Pillow Angels' — overview of what the treatment entails - Click Here
Watch video from a parent's perspective (Charley's Story) - Click Here

3. Guiding questions
  • What does it mean to parent or be a lifetime caregiver of a profoundly disabled child?
  • Identify/analyze all ethical dilemmas inherent in this case.
  • Evaluate who are the players/stakeholders-beliefs, assumptions, and specific knowledge
  • What might be some alternative actions to be taken by the different stakeholders? List all alternative actions.
  • What might the consequences be of these alternate actions be? List all consequences

4. Review additional readings/resources, including professional code of ethics

5. Assess all the knowledge you have about this case

6. Make a decision about the course of action you might choose for Ashley (any child/family considering growth attenuation treatment)? Clarify your arguments and defend your course of action.

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